Spotify snaps up a pair of companies


Spotify has revealed that it’s buying two smaller companies, whose services will most likely be integrated into Spotify. The first company is Soundwave, which seems to be more of a fit to Spotify than the second one, Cord Project, which is a bit of an odd acquisition for the music streaming giant.

The first acquisition, Soundwave, is a social music app that creates profiles for its users by tracking what they’re listening to on streaming services, including Spotify. With this, users are able to follow one another, chat, swap music and see what’s trending. All of these features should easily fit well with Spotify’s current service, and it probably won’t be long until we see some of them popping up inside the Spotify app.

The second company, on the other hand, is called Cord Project. It’s a company that was started by two former Google employees and focuses on voice messaging. The company’s flagship product, called Cord, is a mobile app that lets users send short snippets of audio to individuals or groups, similar to WhatsApp, in the way that you can send music files to your contacts or groups. Aside from Cord though, the company also has a few other products up its sleeves, such as an audio plugin for Twitter, and Shhout!, which is an even simpler voice messaging app.

So far, Spotify hasn’t revealed what its plans are for either of the companies, but it’s likely the company plans on integrating their respective services into Spotify, in the hope of forming a more social-centric music streaming service. In a press release though, the company did hint that it is simply buying the companies to expand its teams of experts, stating that this gives the company “the opportunity to bring two extremely talented and like-minded teams into the Spotify family.”

Spotify also stated that buying Soundwave and Cord Project fit the company’s “strategy of building a great experience for music fans.” Cord Project’s personnel will remain form the nucleus of a new “product group that will focus on creating compelling content experiences.” While the acquisition of Soundwave will simply “help Spotify to enhance the overall consumer experience on Spotify.”

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