WhatsApp is dropping its $1 annual subscription fee


Ever since the launch of Whatsapp Messenger, the company has charged its users a $1 annual subscription fee after a 1 year free trial. Today this ends though.

The FaceBook-owned company has revealed that all charges will be completely removed from all version of the app within the next few weeks.

Currently, nearly one billion users rely on the app to keep in touch with friends and family and the reason for the removal of all fees is that many of those users don’t even have a credit or debit card and are afraid of losing access to their preferred messenger app, as well as their conversations. Aside from current users though, many potential users simply choose to avoid downloading the app and becoming reliant on it, in the fear of it being not accessible after the first year.

The change, as well as keeping current users hooked for good, should also promote some healthy growth, which, after all, is what FaceBook wants. The only question that remains unanswered though, is how the company plans on generating any income from its huge user base. The usual move would be to start including third-party ads inside the app, but WhatsApp has stated that this will not happen, most likely because it could drive users away from the app and into the arms of its competitors.

WhatsApp does have an alternative though. It has revealed that it will be bringing new functionalities to the app, which will allow users to communicate with the companies they want to, such as your bank, if you are worried about any suspicious transactions, or with an airline, which should allow you to check the status of your flight.

Are you pleased about the removal of the fee and the companies future plans? Let us know in the comments below!

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