Motorola explains Lenovo’s rebranding scheme


The announcement a couple of days ago that Lenovo would be phasing out the Motorola name shocked many people and confused others. Many were left wondering what this meant for Motorola as a company and what it meant for its future smartphones. Today, on their official blog, the company posted a lengthier explanation of Lenovo’s plans and ensured consumers that the two companies were working together.

Motorola Mobility as a company is here to stay and will remain a very central part of Lenovo, especially in the smartphone and wearables department, where it will remain the driving force behind design and engineering of future products. In fact, the team, though now a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo, will still have the same people designing and engineering its devices.

The main focus of the rebranding is not to simply eliminate the Motorola name, but to simplify the overall branding of Lenovo products. What Lenovo has come to realise is that the distinction between Motorola and Moto has become more or less meaningless, which is why they have decided that the name will not be included on any future devices, even though, technically, the name hasn’t been featured on any devices since the launch of the original Moto X back in 2013.


Another change will be in the way the brand is marketed. Moto will now be the main focus of marketing, instead of Motorola, and the “batwing” logo that, up until now, has represented the company as a whole, will now be used to represent the Moto brand name and will continue to be featured on products. The idea of this is to create a high-end line of devices which will be developed by Motorola Mobility and marketed as Moto alongside a budget line of devices that will use the Vibe name.

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