HTC and Under Armour announce UA HealthBox: a connected fitness system

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Today, one year after HTC and Under Armour first announced that they’d be working on future fitness products together, the two companies have announced the UA HealthBox.

The UA HealthBox is a fully connected fitness system designed to measure, monitor and manage your level of fitness, sleep, activity and nutrition. The product isn’t just one though, it actually includes three separate devices – a fitness band (UA Band), a heart rate monitor (UA Heart rate), and a smart scale (UA Scale). According to HTC, the system “contains everything a consumer needs to better manage their health and fitness.”

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The UA band, which is designed to be worn at all times, tracks your activity, sleep and your workouts, and features a “discreetly hidden” display, an advanced workout mode, and an LED for your heart rate, though this last one is only available when paired with the UA Heart Rate device.

The UA Heart Rate is made up of a chest strap and a removable sensor that monitors your heart rate and features an “innovative micro snap technology”, which makes it undetectable when working out.

Regarding the UA Scale, it has a premium, circular design and features an LED display, Wi-Fi connectivity and “a sheet of glass with advanced conductive paint technology that enables weight and body fat percentage readings.” The smart scale includes support for up to 8 different users, each with their own individual profiles.

All the UA HealthBox devices can be connected to both Android and iOS smartphones via the Under Armour Record app, which is available free to download from both Google Play and the App Store.

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Finally, if you are interested in buying the UA HealthBox, it will cost you $400 and will be available starting January 22 in the US, though it should be available later today via,, and at Under Armour Brand House locations. Unfortunately though, it seems as though you won’t be able to buy the products UA Band, Heart Rate or Scale individually. Are you interested in the product?

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