January 2016

Spotify snaps up a pair of companies

Spotify has revealed that it’s buying two smaller companies, whose services will most likely be integrated into Spotify. The first company is Soundwave, which seems to be more of a fit […]

WhatsApp is dropping its $1 annual subscription fee

Ever since the launch of Whatsapp Messenger, the company has charged its users a $1 annual subscription fee after a 1 year free trial. Today this ends though. The FaceBook-owned […]

Samsung has announced that it produces the Snapdragon 820

In the middle of a press release today, where Samsung was announcing that it had started mass production of processors using its second-generation 14nm FinFET process, the company revealed that […]

LG G5 confirmed for MWC 2016

Earlier today, LG sent out its media invitations for this years event that will be held at MWC 2016, in Barcelona. The event, titled “Play Begins”, will be held on […]

All 2016 Moto devices will feature fingerprint scanners

A Lenovo executive has surprisingly revealed some very interesting information about the 2016 Moto lineup. As was announced last week, all future Motorola devices will go by the name of […]

Xiaomi Redmi 3 announced with 5-inch display and 4100mAh battery

Xiaomi has officially revealed its latest budget smartphone, the Xiaomi Redmi 3. The Redmi 3 is Xiaomi’s latest offering in the low-end market and it acts as the successor to […]

Motorola explains Lenovo's rebranding scheme

The announcement a couple of days ago that Lenovo would be phasing out the Motorola name shocked many people and confused others. Many were left wondering what this meant for […]

Huawei has officially announced the Mate 8

Huawei has just revealed its latest smartphone offering, the Huawei Mate 8. The Mate 8 is Huawei’s latest in the high-end market and acts as the successor to the Mate […]

HTC and Under Armour announce UA HealthBox: a connected fitness system

Today, one year after HTC and Under Armour first announced that they’d be working on future fitness products together, the two companies have announced the UA HealthBox. The UA HealthBox is […]

What I want to see from Android manufacturers this year

2015 was a great year for Android. BlackBerry created its first ever Android device, and actually did quite a good job at it. Samsung revamped the design of its Galaxy […]