LG to Drop G Flex Range in Favour of V10 Successor


January’s CES announcements are just around the corner, but one company that usually has a number of product announcements planned for the event seems to be staying quiet. According to a new report from South Korea, LG may have scrapped its plans for a G Flex 2 successor in order to concentrate on its flagship G-line as well as a successor to the highly praised V10.

The G Flex line has previously been used to showcase the company’s advancements in flexible OLED display technology, but, because of early Snapdragon 810 overheating rumours, the G Flex 2 was met with a mixed reception, which most likely led to a lower number of sales than was expected.



As a result of this, it appears as though the company will skip the line this year and use the resources towards the development of the successor to its high-end V10 smartphone which is due in the second half of 2016. This would still leave the company with two main flagship handsets for next year, but the company’s releases would be better spread out over the course of the year, allowing them to compete with the likes of Samsung.

The company is still expected to announced its LG G5 flagship in the usual April/May window. So far, the rumours suggest that the smartphone will arrive with a metal unibody, an iris recognition sensor and a 20MP rear camera with a custom design Sony image sensor.

Would you be disappointed if we do not see a G Flex 3? Comment your thoughts down below.

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