Samsung Pay may Support non-Samsung Phones in the Future


Samsung Pay was announced quite a while ago now, but, not long ago was it, that it started rolling out to supported devices around the world. In South Korea, the company’s home country, the service has been an instant success, just as expected, but elsewhere the service hasn’t done so well as of yet.

In a recent interview with ZDNet, Samsung’s Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business at Samsung Mobile, Injong Rhee, explained what was originally considered for Samsung Pay and what is currently planned for its future.


The service, despite running on Android, is currently exclusive to Samsung devices, something that the giant has done with many of its other services, which, in many cases, have ended in failure. The executive states that “from the beginning, we’ve considered providing Samsung Pay to our partners. But right now global expansion is happening so quickly for Samsung Pay that we are focusing all our energy on deployment.” This makes sense, considering the service is still relatively new, but one thing that isn’t clear is whether the company will allow others to take advantage of MST, or Magnetic Secure Transmission, a technology which was acquired by Samsung and allows the service to connect with older card readers, meaning the service doesn’t have to rely on NFC and neither would other manufacturers if they were allowed access to it.

Regarding Samsung Pay’s future, a big update is expected later this month, which will add support for gift cards. Rhee says that Samsung Pay could become a platform for more than just payments, possibly including features such as recommendations of where to eat and so on. As of now though, Rhee says the platform is off to a good start and expects 2016 to be a very strong year for the service, when it will take on more partners and become larger overall.

What do you think about the possibility of the service being available on non-Samsung phones? Comment your thoughts down below.



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