HTC: Apple Copied us, Not The Other Way Round


On Tuesday, HTC announced its latest mid-range offering, the HTC One A9, a device that undeniably looks a lot like the iPhone 6 and one which, according to the company, marks the beginning of a new design era for its smartphones.

As soon as the device was revealed, reports started flowing in stating that the Taiwanese company had copied Apple’s iPhone 6, but a new report from Want China Times says that the president of HTC Asia, Jack Tong, has refuted the claims, pointing out that HTC was the first company to introduce the all-metal design with antenna strips on the rear, back in 2013 with the original HTC One. According to him, it is in fact Apple who copied HTC, and the One A9 is simply the next step in HTC’s design language.


On the one hand, it’s clear that this device is sure to attract a number of customers who value design over specs, especially considering the devices price compared to the iPhone. But if, on the other hand, you are somebody who values specs as well as design, and you aren’t that impressed by this device, then you shouldn’t have to wait that long. HTC plans to bring more A9-like devices to its mid-range Desire series as well as its award-winning One M line, the first of which will most likely be next year’s flagship, the HTC One M10.

Even though the company is calling the design its “next step”, the company appears to have expected the iPhone copycat attacks with the launch of the device, and has even produced a slide to show its employees when training them, as a counterpoint to fend off any allegations.

HTC-One-A9-training-slide It seems that producing a device with an iPhone-like styling is something of a last resort for the company, as it’s no longer in a position to be experimenting with designs, especially with quarterly revenues and profits declining at the current rate. Time will tell whether its new design phase will pay off, but if it does, the One A9 could potentially turn out to be one of its best phones since the original One.

Comment your thoughts down below; do you like HTC’s new design approach?

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