HTC Commits to Android Updates Within 15 days of the Nexus Release for the A9


Earlier Today, HTC finally revealed its long awaited hero device, the HTC One A9. While many leaks pointed towards the device being a replacement for the One M9, it turns out that the device is in fact a mid-range one, not exactly the flagship we were expecting, at least regarding its specs.

The device features a sleek aluminium design, along with a fingerprint scanner and the latest version of Android, version 6.0 Marshmallow. Unlike with most devices, HTC is allowing the bootloader to be unlocked without voiding the warranty, and in an even more unprecedented move, the company revealed that the device will receive every Android update within 15 days of the Nexus line – yes, that’s right, just 15 days.

In an official Tweet, the Taiwan-based company stated:

This is a pretty bold claim, considering HTC failed to rollout the Lollipop update within the promised 90 day deadline. It’s likely, though, that the company has found a way to decouple more features from Sense and push them to the Play Store, thus allowing the updates to be much quicker, considering custom apps and features tend to be what slow down updates the most – though there’s still a possibility that the company will fail to keep its promise

Even if the company fails to keep the promise, though, the possibility of being able to unlock the bootloader without voiding the warranty will surely make this one of the most popular devices among modders.
What do you think of the HTC One A9, and its near-Nexus update promise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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